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It’s a really exciting time to be at Space Ape Games. We’ve created a fast-paced environment that promotes genuine autonomy and we have projects at all stages of the development cycle. We launched our hit music game, , in 2021 and we’re following its success with less than two years later. We also officially launched our first puzzle game in 2023, , and we’re focusing on scaling this game to further global success. On top of all this, we’re running several mature live games and working on some exciting new projects behind the scenes!
We invite developers of diverse talent, skills and backgrounds to join our team.
We’re a group of committed developers with a broad range of origin stories, interests and skills. We craft fun experiences, engaging features and build tech to solve problems. We prefer to work in small, trusted, mixed teams, where everyone is encouraged to share their unique talents, but when we band together to accomplish more ambitious goals, it’s important to us that everyone is supported and has a voice.


We welcome candidates with varying levels of experience and diverse backgrounds. You should have at least some of the skills we value most:
Experience using C# or at least one C-style language
Experience with the .NET ecosystem
Experience developing tools for Android and iOS
Experience with modern game engines, bonus points for Unity
The ability to participate in code reviews, offering valuable insights and suggestions, and incorporating received feedback to enhance code quality and maintainability
Testing mindset - understand the value of automated testing and writing testable software


We’re looking for a Software Engineer to join our Shared Tech Team who are a small, empowered, cross functional team with the goal to support other developers in game teams. You will:
Develop software shared across the company, mainly written in C# but can use other tools as you find the need
Own and deliver end to end, high quality, documented and tested tech solutions and tooling projects
Contribute regularly to code shared between several teams and developers
Provide direct help to the game development team if needed (embedding)
Assist in project management and planning with insights and technical advice
Act as an ambassador for development, both inside and outside of Space Ape

Software engineer
Software Engineer
Shared Tech
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Job ID: ZR_440_JOB
Job Posted: 2024-01-18
Category: Programming & Engineering